It's Been a Bit Of A Crafty Day

Nappy and Wipes Bag

I'm currently off work just now recovering from an operation, which I was informed initially would have a recovery period of around three weeks but just over two months later I'm still off!!

I am however feeling much better, and can do most things apart from heavy lifting, but with time on my hands I thought I'd get back to doing some craft work. I've sewn on and off over the years and I've always got bits of material stashed away in the back of cupboards and wardrobes, just needed the time to do something with them.

My OH very kindly dragged, and I do mean dragged, my old sewing machine out off his workshop/office and set it up on the dinning table for me before he headed off to work this morning. My machine is ancient and extremely heavy!!

Now that our son is a toddler we don't need to take the kitchen sink with us every time we go out and I quite often just stuff a few nappies and wipes in to my bag. I decided to make a bag for my nappies and wipes, that way when we're out I don't have to lug my whole handbag with me if we need a quick nappy change I can just take my new nappy and wipes from my handbag with us  ...

 Nappy and Wipes Bag  Nappy and Wipes Bag Lining

I found some fabulous Clarke and Clarke Deckchair Stripes fabric to make the nappy and wipes bag as as well some lovely Clarke and Clarke Dotty fabric in grey to line the bag. The finished bag holds a pack of disposable wipes and about three disposable nappies, just right for an outing!

I'm really chuffed with the end result and I'm looking forward to the bag having it's first outing!

I'll keep you posted on what I decide to make with the rest of my bits of material ...

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