Product Review - Hexagonal Sandpit

Hexagonal Sandpit

We moved to our new home over the summer and we are loving having a garden. That was the main thing that I  missed when we lived in the flat. Even although we were across the road from a rather lovely large park it's just not the same as opening your own back door and going out in to the garden. When we were very kindly offered a Hexagonal Sandpit to review by the lovely people at Garden Games we jumped at the chance.

Due to the time of year and horrendous weather we've not actually been able to try the sandpit but when we had a quick look inside the box it looks solid and very well constructed. The sandpit also comes with a geo-textile underlay, which should keep the sand contained, and a tarpaulin protective cover to keep the rain, and cats, out. You can also buy an additional wooden cover. Measuring 1.5 metres across, the sandbox is generous in size.

Garden Games have a selection of imaginative sandpits to offer including a choo choo train and a wigwam!

We're really looking forward to spring time when the sandpit will have pride of place in our garden and I'm sure our toddler will have hours of fun playing with it. 

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